We Got Bikes

This year for Christmas, Nick's family went in together to buy us beach cruisers. They are beautiful, amazing, comfy, and those bikes you look at going "these are going to outlive me." We went on our first bike ride with them this past weekend and for the first time in months, I actually felt like one of those perfect pictures you see on Instagram.

We all know Instagram is a highlight real of the best photos from shoots, the best moments in your day, the best meal you've eaten, the best places you've traveled, and the best rides on your horse.

What we often forget to realize is that not every moment in life will be part of that highlight real. That the messy, sticky, and sometimes boring aspects are going to happen more frequently. Lately I've been stuck behind a computer screen, looking out my window at clear skies in Huntington Beach, and creating content to better serve you. Because YOU are my heart, my baby. what makes me happy, and drives me forward every day.... it just sometimes doesn't look all that great!

But while we were riding down PCH I did come to a realization. I need to live by my words, be my brand, and encourage myself to do what I encourage all of you to do every day. Create more moments in my life that I would want to add to the highlight real.

This doesn't mean I need to go out and do more things that are Instagram worthy, but create more moments that make me feel like I am truly living out my days with this one life I was given. 

So, for now, I am going to keep going on weekend bike rides with Nick to find new restaurants and bars. We are going to take in the water, the sand, and the cool ocean breeze. We are going to taste new beers and try to figure out how they make them sour. We are going to pet all the dogs and I'm still going to try to convince him we need a puppy. 


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