Tips for Getting your Horse ready for their Photo Shoot


When it comes to preparing for your horse's portraits the amount of preparation is completely up to you, but there are several suggestions because a camera sees everything. I say clean your horse up as if you were walking into the most important class of your life!  

  • Brushed down head to toe

  • Completely dry, if you plan on giving your horse a bath give them enough time to dry! You don’t want to miss that beautiful golden hour sunset because everyone was waiting for that wet spot under their belly!  

  • Green spots removed

  • Mane and forelock brushed straight

  • Tail brushed out 

  • Nose, mouth, and eyes wiped clean (bring a rag along with you!)

  • If you oil your horse’s nose and ears use half of what you normally would for the show ring! Shiny things stand out on camera! 

  • Avoid makeup on your horse, especially black! Guess what color is going to end up on your dress when they have an itch? XD 

  • Brush hooves down instead of using hoof polish because it can trap the dirt!

  • Bridle or halter wiped down and clean (always choose leather for halters!)

  • Bit shiny and wiped