The Real Life of an Entrepreneur

You wake up! It’s a brand new day, you have the world’s best boss (YOU!) and you’re about to take over the world and make it freaking happen. Your friends declare you the ultimate girl boss and you're going to show the world how. But wait… it’s not that easy, is it? You log on and scroll with that cute little thumb of yours the minute your eyes squeak open in the morning and imagine a perfectly proportioned eye catchy breakfast sandwich (with an egg, duh!), foamy lattes with designs, and the styled to perfection desks.

Suddenly, your boyfriend's alarm is going off, you're a zombie to pack his lunch and make coffee that all of a sudden is less bold then you remember, and you wonder how many zits are on your face as your significant other leaves for the day. A day in the life of an entrepreneur goes a little something like this…

The alarm sounds (that you didn't set and probably don't want to set) and your to-do list starts forming like a million internet explorer tabs opened at the same time. You’re not sure where to begin (or even if you can begin at all) so you sit down and start scrolling, the mindless scroll that makes your reality look a hell of a lot more real and not at all styled like the photos you create.

You look down to see you're still in yesterday's shirt that you wore to the barn and is covered in horse snot and hay and you debate if you want to work from the recliner or be productive in your "office." The kitchen is a mess, the laundry pile is climbing up the wall, and you can't quite see the bottom of your desk or remember what color it is. But hey, you’re a girl boss and you’re about to take over the world… or maybe just tackle your inbox. You open it, shocked, horrified, overwhelmed. You quickly open a tab of Facebook, because, well priorities, and you just have to know what everyone did since you last looked at it ten minutes ago. Oh shoot, the email, yes, gotta get through it. You know that brain with the million tabs? Yeah, your explorer literally has a million tabs open and you pop from one to the next like a puppy chasing squirrels. Suddenly you don’t remember what the heck it was that you were doing and you sit and ponder for a solid five minutes while sipping your coffee that suddenly got cold.

It’s time to multitask, because, duh, we are women, we can do that. So you make eggs while emptying the dishwasher and posting on Instagram, you post last nights blog post on Facebook and go change into a new barn t-shirt and jeans, you answer the door for the UPS guy while putting on your boots, and then quickly edit 2 Black Backgrounds before going and schooling horses. Suddenly lunchtime has snuck up on you, you’re positive you haven’t accomplished a single thing and your silently yearning for structure, because damn, not having responsibility really was the bees knees. You scroll through Instagram as you heat up leftovers in the microwave and see beautiful kale salads, perfectly sculpted healthy cookies, and girls who have six packs and cute yoga pants. (What a perfect reminder that your yoga pants haven’t made it to yoga in weeks…) Don’t worry, there’s still time to turn this day around. You’re sure of it.

The post-lunch coma kicks in and as your watching Iron Chef on the Food Network, you feel inspired to be the next Bobby Flay of the apartment kitchen. Oh shoot, gotta go be that Lady Boss before starting dinner. You’re quickly editing photos, responding to emails, posting things on Facebook, and attempting to find a photo for Instagram that makes it appear that you aren’t the total mess you are. While trying to pick a photo you once again find yourself scrolling (for inspiration, you know?) and you feel like you’ll never measure up, you’ll never make it, you’re not enough. Your boyfriend comes home to find you in dirty ranch clothes, a messy bun of sweaty helmet hair, and that dry, no makeup, zit filled face. You try to convince him you were just too busy taking over the world and being a total girl boss to look like that girlfriend of his he fell in love with.

You shut down like a good girlfriend should, cook dinner, sip wine, dance in the kitchen and feel on top of the world. Life as an entrepreneur is the absolute best and you’re riding that high. Suddenly it’s 9PM and inspiration strikes and you’re brilliant a total genius, and you just have to get your thoughts down or you’ll explode. You type a million miles an hour and you know it’s the best thing you’ve ever created and you are so the new Steve Jobs of your industry. It’s time for bed but your mind still has a million inspired tabs open and maybe, just maybe tomorrow will be the day where you finally get through that to-do list… just maybe. 

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Photo by Martha Pimentel Photography