The Notorious MINIS | Black Star Equestrian, Perro Largo Farms LLC | Murrieta California

My description when I delivered their gallery was simply “I love it when they call me big Papa”

Kristy of Black Star Equestrian is one of those people that I’m seriously so sad I just missed. A former trainer at HCPEC she moved her business down to Temecula as she builds up her own property in the beautiful Murrieta horse country.

As her property is in the works, it is currently occupied by none other then the Notorious Minis: Easy-E, Biggie Smalls, and Fiddy Cent.

I have some FANTASTIC raws of Kristy laughing at me while shooting these three mini’s she rescued from kill pens because I was DYING. I mean, LOOK HOW FLUFFY AND FLAWLESS THEY ARE!

Easily convinced that I’m rescuing Mini’s when I have my own property one day!