The Most Beautiful Sunset at Limoneira Ranch | Santa Paula California Wedding | Cindy + Julio

This was one of those weddings where I had to hold my camera over my eyes to hide that I was crying. Yes, their wedding day was filled with all those perfect emotions that leave you so touched, overwhelmed, and truly feeling all the love.

It's no secret that relationships from social media are a normal way to meet people these days and I’m so beyond thankful that Julio tagged his soon to be wife Cindy in one of my Facebook posts. Cindy and I hit it off SO WELL that I practically felt like part of the family on their wedding day. I mean, they were yellin at me for not wearing my boots (I don’t blame them one bit either)!

Their love story literally is "it all started with a beer" (which of course was played at their wedding) Julio and Cindy met when she was bartending at a little dive bar. His friend was pursuing her to the point of frustration. When they left his friend had left his phone number on the receipt. As she was throwing it away Julio walked back in to tell Cindy how he was just told his friend had left his number for her and he knew she wasn't interested. Julio apologized for his friend-and followed up with asking when she worked next. A few years later we found ourselves at the beautiful  Limoneira Ranch to start their forever!

So why Limoneira Ranch? When Julio's father first migrated to America from Mexico, he worked on Limoneira Ranch! With the ranch helping provide for him and his family he was able to bring over the rest of his family to America. When they found out Limoneira has a wedding venue they knew it was an absolute must to get married there! Obviously, ranch weddings are right up my alley and where I’m most comfortable! Everyone was in boots, hats, and Arait button-ups. The ranch is tucked up along the mountainsides of Santa Paula and hidden within the lemon trees.

So they moment that brought the waterworks: I have a deep love for music and appreciate that a song can bring you back to a specific moment. After inviting the couples to the dance floor after Cindy + Julio’s first dance, Cindy pre-recorded the story of the exact moment when she knew she would become Julio’s wife. It was during hard times and she would blast music to try to drown out the sorrows, a particular song came on as she was cooking dinner. In that moment she grabbed Julio and made him dance with her in the kitchen. As they held each others arms and listened to the lyrics she knew that their was no way either of them could live without each other. So as the song played across the ranch to a beautiful sunset, the love story of Julio and Cindy came full circle for everyone to witness.

Julio wept, but don’t worry I did too.  

Thank you Rosale’s for having me a part of your wedding day! Here are some of my favorite highlights from their wedding...



See their amazing wedding video by my new best friends Storytime Motions