The Hunt | Wanderlust Skulls + Botori Equestrian | Branding Session

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Karina of The Hunt. How did our story start? Horses, duh! We could sit here and share some hilarious back stories of how our friendship started and grew, but reality is our passion for killer brands and desire to change the narrative on social media is where our working relationship started and has brought you this collaboration we did with Wanderlust Skulls + Botori Equestrian.

I’ve been driving thorough Vasquez Canyon since I was 8 years old and always admired the beautiful landscape! As I grew into my art and would make a point to drive down the canyon at golden hour did I know that one day I would HAVE TO shoot here! The problem is, getting a horse to not move so they don’t fall off a cliff side isn’t exactly the most appealing idea! So instead I asked Karina to wake up at sunrise with me to shoot a branding session for my my girl at Wanderlust Skulls!

I collaborated with Cassie for our SSP Styled Shoots in 2018 because lets face it, her skulls are rad and totally added to the decor for both our equestrian and western themed shoots! I’m counting down the days until I can finally get a custom skull from her for my house (our apartment is lame and won’t allow us to hang anything)! But I wanted to really wanted to do a session where the skull she created was the center piece because it obviously needed its time to shine! I was so very blessed to meet Cassie at Cowboy Christmas this last year and can say this girl is THE REAL DEAL!

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