The Hunt | Ellany Equestrian + KF Clothing Branding Session | Huntington Beach, California

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Karina of The Hunt. How did our story start? Horses, duh! We could sit here and share some hilarious back stories of how our friendship started and grew, but reality is our passion for killer brands and desire to change the narrative on social media is where our working relationship started and has brought you this collaboration we did with Ellany Equestrian + KF Clothing.

We aim to create images that are completely different for brands, wether thats a street to stable look at a beach city or literally taking a pair of breeches onto the sand of Huntington Beach. We then jumped to the forests of Orange County to show of the amazing embroidered designs that are found on the denim jackets by KF Clothing. I seriously need one in ever color!

I invite you to check out some of the amazing brands featured here!
Ellany Equestrian
KF Clothing
Huntsmen and Hounds
The Hunt

Interested in working with Karina and I? To get your product or service lined up for a collaboration, please email: and include the product or service, the website, and what you envision for the sponsorship.