The Horse That Made Me a Photographer

Thirteen years ago I fell in love with a long-legged, goofy, and slightly uncontrollable 5 year old Thoroughbred they now call Marco “The Lion Man.” Although EXTREMELY terrified of this 16.2 hand giant that could run as fast at those wobbly legs would carry him, I knew I had one hell of an adventure on my hands as we became inseparable. I was eventually able to call him my very own after 3 years. Over the years as our partnership excelled in the arena and our bond grew stronger each and every day, I realized all I wanted to do was share mine and Marco’s story with those who mattered the most to me. I quickly became known as the girl at the barn with the camera and the rest of the story is history!

So here is my giant mule that I've had the privilege to call my best friend! I went on a hunt for my FAVORITE images of my mane man (hehe get it) and decided to share them with you!