Susan + Bleu | Horse Spirit Ranch | Bonsall, California

Susan contacted me after I had done some black backgrounds at Horse Spirit Ranch earlier that summer. She decided after losing her mare unexpectedly a few years back, that it was time to get in front of the camera so she could have more then just show photos of her horses. The mare was Bleu’s mother, so Susan has had him since before he was born! They met on a lovely evening in March 17 years ago. His mother was maiden so they were very surprised at what she saw on the straw! She said her eyes were so big that she will never forget it!

Bleu is so sweet and so friendly, even though Susan says he can be a little quirky (which we got to see at the end of our session up on the hill!).

I adored the connection these two had, its something special raising a horse from birth! See some of my favorites from here session below! Oh and spoiler alert BLEU’S BLACK BACKGROUNDS LOOK FIRE!