Rebecca + Pig | CB Ranch | Simi Valley California

Who else has gone through the awkward conversation of a family member saying “hey this person has horses too, you guys should be friends!”

In this situation, I’m thankful for my aunt making Rebecca and I have that conversation nearly 10 years ago! Years later we reconnected, decided to trailer to Vegas together, and run at Buckles and Barrel for Bayley with our unprepared youngins!

Now we can tell you who sings Queens Bohemian Rhapsody louder, that we can manage to navigate a drunk bachelorette party back to the hotel without knowing where we are, and we tend to think that we’re actually meant to start a PBR career vs a barrel career #thankstequila

Also would like to say you know you have amazing friends when they want to support your business and give major thanks and gratitude when they book you! Major congrats on graduating from CSUN my friend! Wishing you the best of luck in law school!

Thanks for having me out to capture you and my favorite Pig