Princess Chloe and Her Ponies | Galway Downs | Temecula California

I’ll give you a little secret about being a photographer: when clients contact you again to photograph them we do a celebration dance because it means we did our job in making you feel comfortable and happy! Our goal is to always become your friend; seriously!

Michelle had me out a few months back to photograph her horse Hook and now had me out to capture her beautiful girls Chloe + Alexis. Obviously we had to force their brother in for a few too ;)

Galway Downs in such an amazing facility, but not the most picturesque unless you want to take a 2 mile hike, but there is a patch of grass for grazing within the boarders facility that nestles perfectly against trees and a setting sun. You’d think we were on the endless grass fields of Kentucky (fact check: I’ve never been to Kentucky so I can only dream).

Chloe is a girl boss in the making! She knew EXACTLY what she wanted to wear and how she wanted to look. We even had to bug her to smile because she had her heart set out on being a model child. I mean can you say VOGUE FACE!

Both Chloe and Alexis is kept it casual to pose with their new adorable chestnut mare Miss Demi, which honestly Alexis had those golden lochs that just SLAYED she didn’t need much to look STUNNING, before Princess Chloe got to appear!

Chloe was SOOOOO excited to show me what I declared her Princess Dresses and once she had them on she couldn’t contain that smile she had been trying to hide from me all session. The gold tone on the first one blended in the with the orange sunsets that Temecula gives and the details on the second one left me drooling.

Session’s with the Welker’s are always a family affair and I always enjoy my time with them! Thank you for having me out again and hope to be heading to see you at Galway Down’s again soon!