Paris + Lucas | Los Angeles Equestrian Center | Los Angeles, California

This last year I team up with the LA Equestrian Center to do a giveaway for one of the boarders and Paris was the lucky winner! Not gonna lie I WAS SO GLAD SHE DID BECAUSE SHE WAS SUCH AN AMAZING HUMAN! This has nothing to do with the fact that she brought my horse Marco some Cinnamon Pop Tarts after learning they were his favorite treat!

When Paris and her trainer went to look at him, she instantly fell in love!

“He was taller and a deeper chestnut than he was advertised as, with the cutest little pink nose!” Lucas is the first horse that Paris has gotten to call her own! They’ve been together for two years now! She describes him as a cuddle bug, inquisitive, worrywart, always wants to please, and a bit of a drama queen! LOL

Not gonna lie, I saw ALL these traits in him during out mini session!

The thing Paris loves most about Lucas is his curiosity, “He will go right up to something to investigate it. Sometimes he scares himself this way, but he keeps going up to the scary thing until he figures it out, then he moves on. And usually during walks he likes to stop and just watch things... whether it's birds taking dirt baths, a horse in turnout, or men fixing a fence. When he's done watching, he usually lets out a big sigh, then continues walking, haha. He also randomly likes to chase crows when they're in the ring while we're riding.”