My least favorite Question

You want to know what question I struggle with the most these days? “So what are you doing?”

I really have a hard time just proudly saying “I’m a photographer.” One of the biggest reasons is because I know I’m soooo much more than “just a photographer” so I feel a need to go on a huge tangent of the magnitude that goes into what I do and the big picture of what I want to accomplish.

But why do I feel this way? It’s because I know I’m being judged solely on my title. I’m immediately put into the category of starving artist, I’m immediately questioned with how I afford to live, and I’m immediately put off as someone who isn’t inflicting change in the world because I am not in the category of major CEO or executive. 

It’s frustrating, intimidating, and just downright sad sometimes. My title as a photographer is just a superficial layer, a “mask” of who I am and what I do.

I’m sharing this with you or another creative out there walking a similar path; know society has forced people to judge you based on your title. It's going to happen and the feeling is going to be frustrating. So I challenge you to change the narrative. Next time you meet someone, why not ask what someone is passionate about instead of “what do you do?” Find out who they are from the core and what they plan on offering the world with their talents. 

"What in life are you most passionate about?"
sara shier photography