Lily + Miles | Elvenstar OC at the Huntington Central Park Equestrian Center | Huntington Beach, California

This session was so magical but broke my heart all at the same time. Lily’s mom contacted me just a few days before the session that Miles lease was ending and he was going to be traveling back to Elvenstar’s main barn in Moorpark. I happened to be at the big Burns Saddlery Race that very same weekend, so the only way we were going to make it work was a sunrise session the morning he was trailering out.

So at 5:45 am we walked out to the morning marine layer that hangs over Huntington Beach and up to the super bloom that was currently covering the trails of HCPEC. Everything about the session turned out breathtaking in so many ways. The blooms, the light, and Lily starting her modeling career a little early. It was so magical that her mom was crying most of the session (bless her).

The non magical part was Miles trying to eat everything in sight and I’m pretty sure Lily’s arms were sore for weeks because of it! We couldn’t blame him too much since it was breakfast time and I always joke that bringing horses to a grass field is like taking a kid to the candy store thinking he won’t touch anything.

I’m happy to say Lily has found a new partner in crime, but I know Miles will always hold a very special place in her heart <3