Lauren + Darco | Blenheim EquiSports International | San Juan Capistrano, California

Lauren switched barns to start riding with Hillary Ridland at Blenheim EquiSports International which is where she met her sweet boy Darco. I sometimes feel like I did an injustice to just how cute Darco’s face is! He has the sweetest personality which matches so well with Lauren!

Its always so nice when you get a fellow artist as a client! Lauren photographs for fun and already knows how to OWN IT in front of a camera! By the end of our session, I was like, “Girl, just go do all the model things!"

I rarely get to photograph my girls in their show attire (truthfully I usually advise against it because you get so many cool show photos in them, amirite?) but the little bit of show jumper left in me kinda obsessed over her blue hunt coat and white breeches. This is a style I know I would have never been able to pull off back in my jumper days (which was literally over 10 years ago now) and I had to tell myself to force a wardrobe change because I was getting a little obsessed with the style!

Then she put on her dress and I about died. Romper’s with long trains are the bees nees when it comes to Horse + Rider sessions because you can get on without ever having to worry about exposing anything we don’t want to see and we have a very majestic train flying around that leaves everyone gawking at the beauty!

Blenheim is known for its grass fields, being in Southern California it is so appreciated by us photographers because we are always aching for beautiful grass pastures which are unheard of around here. So getting to send Lauren + Darco all over the fields for her mounted photos was a dream come true!

I obviously really enjoyed my session with these two and hope to see them again!