Kayla + Notice I'm Packin | KB Performance Horses | Newport Beach, California

Kayla’s nicknames of Kimber is my favorite because I can relate: “Nicknames include goat and fatty because she eats ALL the time.” I mean lets be honest we are all females here why must we eat with our emotions?? Kimber was a lot less of that mare we experienced with Skye which may have to of with the fact she is that in your pocket type of mare and alert of where you are at all times!

I loved Kayla’s casual choice of apparel for her senior session. I always say there is nothing wrong with any style you choose for your horse + rider session as long as it compliments you and your horse! I mean how amazing is that green alongside Kimber?

The session with Kayla and her sister Ellie (you can see her session here!) was so much fun even with fresh ponies. These girls have personalities of gold on them! You can tell within moments of chatting that they are out going gals always looking for the next joke to crack!

Enjoy my favorites from Kayla + Kimber’s session at KB Performance Horses!