Emily + B | The Paddock Riding Club | Los Angeles California

Every once in a while you get out of your “mojo” and finally have what I call a unicorn session to bring it all back! I absolutely loved the Los Angeles City vibe that Emily brought to her and B’s session, but more importantly, I just loved THEM!

These two had the GREATEST personality on them! B is so funny! She's actually pretty hilarious. She had no problem letting us know when she was over a certain area, which side was her good side, and that she would only allow cuddles for .2 seconds. Emily let me know she’s not a huge cuddler with the typical mommy horse owner answer, “I get irked that she doesn't always love her face being kissed and loved up on, but those times that she comes to me for it... it’s an indescribable love. She is my dearest friend.“

B was rescued with her baby from auction in 2013.  A wonderful couple brought them both right to the Paddock Riding Club, and as the foal was unsound they found a great place to rehab/retire him on the East Coast.  Emily was able to convince a trainer to take on the mare as a project horse with her. Although having all the intentions to find a home for the horse, including creating a therapy program that invited participants to become part of the rehabilitation/rehoming process for the newly named "just b." She couldn’t let her go as B morphed into this new beautiful loving horse. She became her soulmate. 

“I love that she has no idea how much she has shaped my world.  I love that she has no idea she is my constant.  The most consistent love I've known.  I love that she continues to remind me day after day to...just b.”