Ellie + Skye | KB Performance Horses | Newport Beach, California

Showing up to this session was THE most confusing experience for me! I had ZERO clue there were stables and horses in Newport Beach (I mean I heard there were, but it seemed like an urban legend to me!).

Ellie had warned me that Skye is a typical mare, when she is with you and on her game she is perfect and when she is not in the mood well she is a mare, but I thought “they’re in the western pleasure world how bad can it be?

Case of mare happened. “Whats over here?” “You want my ears forward? Ya Right!”

So we just rolled with the fact that Ellie is drop dead gorgeous and KILLED it when you told her to turn on the model face! The session with Ellie and her sister Kayla (be sure to check out her session on the blog too!) was so much fun even with fresh ponies. These girls have personalities of gold on them! You can tell within moments of chatting that they are out going gals always looking for the next joke to crack!

Enjoy my favorites from Ellie + Skye’s session at KB Performance Horses!