Christa and Buddy | Shenandoah Valley Ranch | Beaverton, Oregon

Hey guys, if I decide to pick up and move to the Pacific Northwest, you can blame this session right here. I had been dying to photograph those stunning Oregon backdrops with all the pretty golden hour light and my dream definitely came true with Christa + Buddy’s session!

Although I love my English clients, getting a western gal in front of my camera gets me back to my roots! I’ll take flannels, belt buckles, and denim any day of the week! On top of it Buddy was the EASIEST horse I EVER photographed for a session. Stood perfectly still and kept his ears up on Nick the entire time! SAINT I tell you!

Even Nick appreciated how well Buddy did and posed for a few photos of his new best friend. Mind you I have never gotten Nick in front of my camera before so I took full advantage of the situation! Hehe you’re gonna have to go follow me on Instagram to see them ;)