Ashley + Hook | All About Horses OC at Urban Forest | Huntington Beach California

The goal was to capture cantering at dusk as if it was a beautiful autumn day without a care in the world. Instead, it was hot and humid like most summer days here in Huntington Beach, we had an adventure to get Ashley on Hook while up at Urban Forrest because “mom that’s not my good side”, and we were sweaty, dirty, and ready for a margarita after. 

I joke with my clients all the time that photo shoots are NOT always as glamorous as they look! Good thing as a horse trainer at All About Horses in OC, Ash was kinda used to it! She’s had her beautiful dapple grey gelding Hook since he was 2 and 1/2 years old. 5 years later she knows EXACTLY how he works! 

Everything else aside, Ashley and I had a long talk about jumpsuits and dark lipstick. I mean does she not ROCK IT?! Much like me, I never think I can pull off either, but can you believe it was her first time wearing a jumpsuit? I was obsessed with how sleek everything looked alongside Hook and the floral pattern gave a nice softness to his dapples and the golden light sunset.

Thank you, Ashley, for always being a huge supporter of me and my business! Also thanks for letting me ride in your arena when I get kicked out ;)