3 Reasons why you need to Hire an Equine Photographer to photograph your horse

There's a lot that goes into photography. You're not only wearing multiple hats of being your very own accountant, web designer, marketing manager, social media manager, photographer, and editor... but at the end of the day you're hired to capture beautiful moments and create memories that leave your clients wanting to come back for more. Any photographer reading this is going yasssss girl I feel ya!

My rebudle to them is: have you ever tried adding in a 1200 pound animal to that picture?

Trust me, they'll all admit to saying "ya we totally can add a horse to your session no problem!" as they franticly try to Google BEST TIPS TO PHOTOGRAPH HORSES. How do I know this? Because I've taught workshops to photographs wanting to learn how to photograph horses! 

I LOVE teaching fellow photographers tips and tricks to photographing horses for their clients because at the end of the day we are all creating an art and running a business that feeds our families. I'm a firm believer in community over competition!


There are SOOOO many things to look into when hiring a photographer, but above all I think its important to find a photographer that really communicates well with you, that pulls you in because of the style of their photography, and has a message that you resonate with...but if you are looking to truly capture the relationship between you and your horse....find these characteristics in an EQUINE PHOTOGRAPHER!!! Here are my 3 reasons why:

1. We know horses.

I've had horses step on me, take off on me, rear up on me, try to jump over me, buck me off, throw me off, fall on me, and tell me to get the hell out of there way. I've trained my own horse since I was 12 years old, so when a client's horse spooks at a black bee and tries to jump over me... I don't panic one bit. I handle the situation just as any rancher that I was brought into the horse world with would. I'm able to truly help my clients in what is sometimes a stressful situation for horses; cause we all know standing still is just sooooooohard for them! I always share with my clients to never be embarrassed with how their horse is "misbehaving" or that their horse tried to bite me... ITS NOT THE FIRST TIME. Horses have a mind of their own and it is my job to read the signals that they are giving us during our session together. 

2. We understand conformation

 Have you ever followed a wedding photographer that you admire and see one of their Instagram photos pop up on your feed with a caption along the lines of "How magical of an experience to include my clients horse in their wedding day. Horses are such a majestic animals that hold a special place in my heart." Don't tell me I'm the only one that notices the horse looks extremely BORED with ears laying back, a resting leg, and standing in a way that any educated horse owner would go HES GONNA GO LAME WITH LEGS LIKE THAT. Horses have a good side too, just like me and you. As a fellow horse owner we know that we want ears forward and a square stance to show the BEST features of our equine companion! 

3. We truly love horses

We know what a special place these animals hold in your heart because we too have been touched by their innocence, understanding, desire to please, trust, and love. My horses are my best friend, and I know your horse is yours too. Regardless if your horse is being a little naughty or a perfect gentlemen, I promise I have enough experience and understanding of these animals that I will deliver images that will leave you absolutely amazed. Pinky promise ;)