Deirdre + Patrick | Elvenstar Orange County | Huntington Beach, California

Ladies… there is a HUGE reason I say to lunge, lunge, lunge and lunge your horse some more before your session. Huntington Beach got hit with a heavy week long rain, all the arenas were closed, turn outs were a swamp, lunging was not an option, and sir Patrick who is usually the worlds best baby sitter thought that the Red Barn at the Huntington Beach Central Park Equestrian Center was gonna eat him. LOL

Deirde was set to be elected Orange County Bar Association’s 2019 President and the OC Lawyer Magazine wanted to do a deeper dive on Deirdre life, obmiouly Patrick is a huge part of it! Because of the deadline for the article we had to battle the mud and inability to get poor Patrick out of his stall, so I’m really thankful we were shooting at my home barn! All is good! We shared A TON OF LAUGHS, got some great photos, and made the deadline for the magazine!

Enjoy some of my favorites from Deirde + Patrick’s session!