Amber + Crew | Gibson Ranch | Sunland, CA

I tried really hard last year to have a shut down after December 10th so I could finish editing the remaining sessions for year and enjoy the holidays with my family + friends. Instead I spent December 23rd with Boonie, Gusty,Romeo, Fiona, Harley, Skyler, and their human Amber.

Amber had reached out to me in fear that this would be Romeo’s last Christmas as his health sadly began to diminish and she always wanted photos of all her fur babies together and some great images to remember him by if she lost him.

I’m happy to say Romeo is still kicking as we are well into 2019, but I just couldn’t say no to the situation! I about died when I pulled up to Amber having all the pups in a radio flyer red wagon, literally the same one I grew up in! Did anyone else make their friends pull them around like it was a stage coach and they were your horses? Or was that just me? LOL

Considering I grew up in the area its always nice to come back to my roots and chat about all the same people we know and the same races we competed at that I used to when I lived in Santa Clarita! I’m enjoying getting to see Amber + Boonie racing together after getting to photograph the two of them together! Even more importantly, I’m happy to see Gibson Ranch alive and well after the Canyon fires that burnt part of their property a few years back!

Although some of the trees are still covered in black, it made me happy to see the new life that was rising throughout the canyon <3