Meet Hashtag

TRUTH: When I moved to Huntington Beach I was absolutely terrified of how I was going to ride. I knew the barns in Orange County fairly well as my client base in the area continued to grow. However, they were all English barns and I had thrown out my tall boots long ago when I realized jumping was just not my thang! 

I had been riding with ranchers, ropers, and barrel racers for the last 10 years and was not looking forward to giving that up. So I continued the search in shock that there was a "barrel trainer" at the Huntington Central Park Equestrian Center which was right down the street from my house (close enough where I bike there now).

Again I had been riding with barrel racers for the last 10 years and quickly learned that everyone is deemed a "trainer" so I was definitely werry at first!..... I can't even begin to explain how LUCKY I am to have found Kim this year! Kim took me in with open arms and continues to encourage drive, work ethic, and confidence in both myself and other students of hers. She is laid back and caring, but stern and brutally honest when needed. We both agree that barrel horses should be started slow and correct with a proper understanding of their body and job. All of Kim's horses are able to work effectively under her as well as under her riders. Her years of knowledge training and starting both reining and barrel horses makes her the ideal package for beginner riders to 1D riders to continue to grow as a horseman and a jockey on the pattern. 

I'm not just saying these things because I absolutely and utterly fell in love with her little mare Hashtag. She had her for not even a few weeks before I came to ride with Kim the first time. This mare is ALMOST as smart as Marco (sorry I'm biased), catty as hell, and has been the first mare I can say I LOVE. I've been honored to be one of the people to pattern her and get her ready for a super successful career! 

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