Light, Candid, and a Whole lot of Fun

This year with me diving head first into this entrepreneurial journey, I decided to dive head-on into a marketing and branding course for photographers. Part of the process is for us to assess our businesses and help brand and define the work that we created using three words. My words took me a while to figure out, my two favorite services are so completely different besides the fact that they have pretty ponies in them!

The words I chose were: light, candid, and a whole lot of fun and I really think they stuck. Part of the process of being a photographer is getting to know you, the real you. Whether you love wearing high heels and can pull off a little black dress every weekend or you live in yoga pants and messy buns, I want to see the real you. (I also don’t hide the fact that the real me looks a lot like a lock nest monster who doesn't put on pants or wears make up these days!) 

When I shoot people, I want to catch the real them, the way they look when they laugh, their real genuine smile – none of that cheesy "ok pretend to laugh now" junk. I don’t want you to awkwardly place your head in your horse's back and say cheese – no, not at all. I want you to feel free to feel beautiful and lovely and in ahh of your majestic steed, however that may come about – cause we all know I'm a comedic genius when I need to be!

I straight up tell clients that things are going to get awkward, your horse isn't going to corporate more than half the time, and that you're probably going to hate them after the session, but guess what... that's them right? Did they not just make you laugh spooking at a flying flamingo kite? Did you not just get snuggled attacked while they were after their favorite treat? Did we not just explore your favorite trails that leave you both excited for adventure? Did you totally forget I was even there during these little moments that remind you exactly why you love your horse? Exactly...your welcome ;)

When we shoot together, we aren't going to spend hours going over different poses. You are going to feel like we spent hours talking and laughing until it hurt. I'm going to make you feel completely flawless and like Tyra Banks is going to call you up to join America's Next Top Model even after your horse sneezed all over your favorite shirt. The atmosphere is going to be light, candid, and so much're going to forget why I'm even there


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