If there is Something you want to Change, Read this

I WAS CALLED CLASSLESS, WINEY, AND INSECURE and guess what? I simply gave myself a heavier pour of wine and then cuddled up to the man that has my whole heart and told me I was perfect to him. 

This isn’t a way to prove that words don’t hurt, even that I’m giving people the satisfaction to know their opinions were heard and affected how much wine went into my glass that night or play victim, but a little reminder and motivation to anyone who dreams of making a difference in the world; don’t give up. 

I voiced my opinion to other people in the industry. I shared a problem I see, why I believe its a problem and what I do instead. Why? Because I wanted to change the narrative. I wanted to see a problem that so often arises and encourage people to change their ways. If I can make one person stop and think about how what they’re marketing can affect their business in either a positive or negative way; then I did my job. 

The reason the words in bold didn’t bother me was that I expected it. I posted a vision of insight and change, and sometimes my vision won’t align with someone else, and guess what? That's ok. If you put something out on the social web, expect people’s opinions do not align with yours and for them to voice their opinion. 

Whats even better about the situation? Not only did people learn, but I learned too. I continue to learn what words do and don’t resonate with people. I learned that people are passionate and open to discussion. I learned that helping others isn’t for everyone, but it just might be for me. 

If you have a vision of change my friends do not let the fear of what others will say to you stop you from speaking about it. Do not let them instill that voicing this change will affect your business, your message, and your heart. If you believe you need to pivot your brand to be the voice of reason, then do it. 

It's not stopping me, I hope it doesn’t stop you.


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