My Weekly Schedule While Working From Home

One of the biggest challenges for me when I left my job and started this entrepreneurial journey was transitioning from an outside office to a work from home job. Setting boundaries, not getting distracted, and balancing the freedom of creating your own schedule is something I've had to work really hard at.

The best advice I finally listened to was sitting down and batching out my work by days and hours instead of trying to conquer the world and 50 different tasks at the same time.

It allowed me to keep my head down and do the work and accomplish not just tasks on my to-do list but freed up more time for life because I was able to plan months in advance instead of trying to play catch up.

So even though this might change once, twice, or even three times throughout the years, I wanted to give you some insight into how I stay ahead of the to-do list by batch working aspects of my business


Blog Days: Monday's are my content creation days for the blog because I have posts scheduled every other day. I rotate between Black Backgrounds, Horse + Rider or lifestyle sessions, and what I call "Personal Sara Banter." This is anything from what is going on in my life, adventures Nick and I might go on, resources for clients, and tips to fellow photographers. I can usually get about 10 blogs done in this one day which allows me to stay two weeks to a month ahead! 


Newsletter: One of my goals this year was really take advantage and grow my email list. As of now I've been sending out Newsletters Monday and Fridays and will try to have these done a month in advance


FB Marketing: Social Media marketing is essential for creatives these days and it's no secret that 80% of my clients found me there. I try to plan out at least two weeks of content on the SSP Page as well as deciding which posts need to be boosted. I'll plan out marketing strategies for my personal page as well as different equine groups that I can advertise in. I also run the Facebook Group for our SSP Styled Shoots and Workshops so time is spent communicating with vendors and attendees.    


Email/ Client Communication Day: This is the day to go through the 500 emails that I flag in my inbox in a week and actually complete them so I can unflag! This can range from sending welcome packets, communication with styled shoot vendors, communication with publications, reaching out to publications, following up with inquiries, etc. I try not to get lost in my inbox as much as I can, so dedicating a day to clear it out really helps! 


Editing day: No I do not edit all my sessions in one day, just like I won't spend all day on Facebook! Being a photographer most of our job is spent in a post, so editing is done on a daily, but I have deemed Friday strictly as an editing day so that I don't even bother opening up the Internet! Its also a great closure to finish editing a session and being able to close your computer for the work week!