The First Sara Shier Photography Horse + Rider Photography Workshop is here!


Join us in Santa Clarita at Rose Gold Equestrian for a workshop to help guide you into the world of equine photography! We will dive into the nitty-gritty of the equine business, lighting, shooting, and working with horses in an experience that will leave you both inspired and more prepared to exceed your clients expectations.

The Details
Who: Sara of Sara Shier Photography and Victoria of Rose Gold Equestrian
When: July 14th, 2018
Where: Rose Gold Equestrian
Cost: $200
We will be limiting this workshop to only 15 attendees so that we can provide a personal experience to each student as well as 1-on-1 time to answer questions and dive deeper into each student's current skill level.


What Can I Expect?

Photographing horses is no easy task, I always describe it as "the mind of a toddler with the strength of a bull." I want you to leave this workshop feeling confident no matter what type of horse you're dealing with on the day because we all know some can be more naughty than others! While we want you to leave this workshop feeling as though you have all the “tricks” in your toolbox, we hope you will take away inspiration and desire to push your photographic boundaries. 


What will I learn?
- Basic horsemanship and conformation: knowing and understanding how horses behave and look is of the utmost importance when photographing them. They have good and bad sides too! 
- Lighting: Not all horse properties are filled with grass pastures and lush trees. Most are dirt roads and pipe stalls. We're going to be diving into dead fields, bushes, and other nonideal photo locations and breaking down how to capture that million dollar shot
- Shooting: We will be going over strong posing and communicating with your model, seeing the best light, picking locations, and getting out of trouble spots. We will have 3 models and their horses, all styled differently to cover different disciplines in the industry. After all questions have been answered, we will break up into 3 groups of 5 so attendees can have 30 minutes to photograph each pair on their own. Don't worry I'll still be around if you need help! 
- Q+A: Before and after the photo sessions we will have open Q+A to cover all aspects of business: social media, marketing, branding, and client communication within the equine industry.

Who Should Attend?

My desire to teach started because I saw a serious lack of knowledge in the wedding industry when it came to photographing horses, as well as a lack of business knowledge for photographers in the equine world. This workshop is for anyone and everyone that is looking to either improve their craft, learn something new, or gain a better understanding of the equine industry. 



A DSLR camera with a 70-200 is recommended but not required. This workshop will be hands-on and you will be forced to think outside the box both pushing your equipment to the limits as well as your creative thinking.

90% of horses are not fans of lights, reflectors or any unfamiliar equipment. If you haven't learned to master natural light yet, we are going to at this workshop!

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