Leanna + Conrad | Serenity Equestrian Center | Canby, Oregon

Leanna inquiring about her session had me rolling because she was in Vegas with her daughter who just turned 21 and couldn’t make me any promises that she wouldn't get stuck on a roof somewhere just like the Hangover!

A month later I got to go out to her barn in Canby for my Oregon trip to meet Conrad! Her beautiful bay Thoroughbred that literally has the nickname “Handsome.” Leanna describing his personality was pretty spot on!

“He is the biggest ham. He loves the camera, loves my little boys and loves kisses. Although he has no problem letting me know when he has had enough mama kisses. His confidence is pretty cool too.”

Leanna and I went back and forth about dresses for her session for some time and I loved how she decided to go with her black and pink satin dress over her white wedding style dress. She deemed I did that enough already and needed something different! My response was “thank you for being my hero!”