Hi, I'm Sara!

I graduated from long island university Brooklyn in 2015 with a B.A in media arts with an emphasis in photography + a minor in journalism. I'm a jack of all trades, but somehow mastered the art of media (kinda). I'm a softball coach, a horse trainer, a retired student-athlete, a daughter, a big sister, a new yorker, an LA native, a cowgirl + a rockaholic. I enjoy spending time with my friends + my horse Marco. I drink a lot of coffee + love running the Brooklyn bridge. I like to sit in parks and read stories about Katniss Everdeen. I obsess over vampires + have an Augustus waters fetish. my favorite movies are Forrest Gump + how to train your dragon. I have frequent Green Day concerts in my car + Fleetwood Mac is always my first choice for vinyl purchases. I tried to look like Christina Perri once but ended up being Cher's doppelganger. More then anything I love hearing peoples stories and I'd love to hear yours!

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My calling to the arts started about the same time I started riding horses. my most favorite thing in the whole wide world is my horse Marco. he is my pride + joy that I've had the privilege of calling my best friend for over ten years! any horse person knows how forming a bond with these amazing creatures can change your life. I've been lucky enough to get to know + ride countless amounts of horses, but since owning my horse Marco all I've wanted to do is share our story with the people that matter most to me. from that point until now, there hasn't been a day I've gone to the barn without my camera. the love for documenting  + capturing the undefined perfection of equine creatures carried to capturing moments, memories, experiences + the beauty that surrounded my life. 

MEET Marco


Owned since:  Christmas Day 2009.  I started leasing him in 2006!

Breed:  Thoroughbred

Age:  18

Discipline:  Fat, happy, and RETIRED! (although he was a pretty awesome barrel horse back in the day!) 

Nicknames:  Bubba, Little Lion Man, Mule

Favorite treat:  Cinnamon Pop Tarts

Favorite pastime:  RUNNING! Supa-fast! Preferably on the beach! 

Hates:  Jumping, cuddling, putting ears forward for photoshoots, SmartPac supplements, staying clean, having a full lushes mane, back SMB boots, and his brother Sawyer (lol!)